Band Aid Immunity Support - DNA Sports™
Band Aid Immunity Support - DNA Sports™

Band Aid Immunity Support

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DNA Sports have teamed up with Qualified Nutrition to bring you the latest evidence-based immunity supplement, formulated with high quality raw ingredients supported by the scientific literature.

Band-Aid is packed with nutrients essential for our immune health, specifically chosen to not only support your health and wellbeing, but to assist in optimal recovery from the high demands of training.

*See below for the listed ingredients:*

Vitamin D3: A fat-soluble nutrient that when deficient in the body, has been shown to reduce salivary SIgA (an important antibody that’s essential for mucosal immunity). Not only this, but being deficit in vitamin D can lead to a reduction in monocyte and lymphocyte production, further impairing your immune response! Band-Aid will ensure you keep those vitamin D levels at an optimal level with an evidence based dosage.

Vitamin C: A water-soluble nutrient with anti-oxidant properties shown to reduce the risk of catching a common cold in athletes!

Echinacea: Effective is fighting off the common cold, with some research showing incredible recovery rates, meaning less time spent away from the gym!

Zinc: A low zinc status may lead to a reduction in both testosterone and insulin sensitivity, with 30mg of zinc citrate found in Band Aid, you wont have to worry about any form of deficiency!

NAC: An amino acid which very importantly is a precursor to glutathione, a powerful antioxidant used by every cell in the body. However, as glutathione is poorly digested, we have used NAC instead, which will ultimately aid your recovery from intense training.

Vitamin B12: Dont find yourself being B12 deficient, it is essential for DNA synthesis and energy production. Band-Aid provides you will sufficient amounts to ensure you can train and recover to the best of your ability.

Probiotics: In order to be healthy, you must have a healthy gut. Probiotics are healthy bacteria used to support your digestive system and ultimately improve overall health and wellbeing. With research showing their ability to promote the production of immune cells, its easy to see why probiotics are a must in the diet.



Peter Bell 

MSc, BSc, AfN Registered Nutritionist


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