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Thank Pump For That: An in-depth anaylsis

Thank Pump For That: An in-depth anaylsis

Jan 22, 2024 (Updated on Jan 30, 2024)

When it comes to getting the sickest pump, you can count on Thank Pump For That by DNA. Thank Pump For That is our non-stim clinically dosed pre-workout, that improves blood flow, muscle pumps and endurance. This pre workout will increase your workout capacity, allowing you to push beyond your limits.


L-Citrulline: A dose of 8000mg of L-Citrulline within Thank Pump For That optimises nitric oxide production, resulting in improved blood flow, muscle pumps, and endurance.

Betaine Anhydrous: This ingredient enhances endurance, strength, and power output, helping you reach peak performance.

CHOfactor: Trademarked ingredient CHOfactor, containing Alpha GPC, Citicoline, and Huperzine A, enhances cognitive function during your workout, helping you to stay laser focused and maintain mental clarity.

Pine Bark Extract: Protects the body from oxidative stress and enhances recovery.

Pink Himalayan Salt: Aids electrolyte balance and hydration status

Green Tea Leaf Extract (CELLFLO6): Supports metabolic function, has fat burning properties as well as additional antioxidant benefits.

Amentopump® and AstraGin®: These two ingredients optimises nutrient absorption, meaning you get the most out of each ingredient, maximising effectiveness.

BioPerine®: The clinical dose of BioPerine® with 95% Piperine Extract further enhances the supplement's overall nutrient absorption.